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Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic offers a range of therapies and classes including Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness


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No one wants to be in pain or experience discomfort. It can be tempting to look for quick fixes that address the immediate symptoms, but not the underlying causes of a particular health issue

A more sustainable approach is to look at patterns of ill health and understand them more fully

Although there are many different disciplines within complementary health care, the idea of sustainable health is a common theme that runs through them. The time taken to understand a particular issue is an investment for each individual's health. This is particularly true of chronic ailments and stubborn issues that people have ‘just learned to live with’

Wellness is more than just being free of illness; it is a dynamic process of individual growth, which provides the opportunity to change.
— World Health Organisation

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Natural Therapies at Dyke Road

We offer a range of therapies at Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic in Brighton


Call us to make an appointment on 01273 561 844/845


About Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic

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Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic was established in 1999. Based in Brighton, our team of highly skilled complementary health practitioners, are expert in paediatric as well as adult healthcare and have experience with a wide range of health issues.

To make an appointment call us on 01273 561 844/845

Classes and Courses at Dyke Road Studio

In addition to providing complementary therapies, we also have a studio where we offer classes in Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. We also run Mindfulness (MBSR) courses and post-graduate training for practitioners. Click here to find out more.

Room hire at Dyke Road

If you are interested in setting up a practice at Dyke Road, or would like to run a course from our studio then go our Room Hire page.