Manual Lymphatic Drainage is used to promote the optimal functioning of the lymph vessels, nodes and ducts of the lymphatic system.

It is a unique method, within the broad framework of classic massage, where light-pumping action moves the skin to bring about an increased flow of lymph


Karin Wolfsperger MLD UK And BLS REG

Karin qualified as a MLD therapist and masseur in 1993 and subsequently worked in a physiotherapy practice and a lymphoedema hospital (Foeldi Klinik) in Germany. 

She moved to Hove in January 2000 and has been practising MLD in Brighton, Hove and the wider Sussex area ever since. Her main work lies in the treatment of lymphoedema.

For further information call Karin on 07971 615860

Karin Wolfsperger treatment fees

Initial treatment
£40.00 (60 mins)    

Follow-on treatments
£40.00 (60 mins)