How learning Shiatsu can benefit you as a man by Donna Armstrong

Shiatsu as a practice is all about re-establishing balance, the gentle balance of Yin and Yang, of the male and female energies within the body.  We all have our unique mix of Yin (soft, yielding, receptive) and Yang (active, moving, rising) qualities and allowing these to be expressed and to flow smoothly through the body at different stages of our lives is one key element of maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing.  Shiatsu, as such, can be a perfect vehicle, whether as a receiver or as a giver, to explore the balance of these energies within your own body.  Here are just a few ways in which shiatsu can benefit you as a man striving for balance in life.


1. Developing a connection with our Yin qualities – Training as a Male practitioner

“I am a black belt in karate, and being a Shiatsu practitioner has helped me greatly improve myself. With many martial arts the practitioner becomes very aware of their body, their physicality, their strength and power. But as with everything, there is another side. The Samurai wrote poetry and did flower arranging to cultivate their calm, compassionate, softer Yin aspect. We all need balance. Shiatsu has greatly helped me connect with that side of myself. Obviously this helps me connect with and help others, but on a personal level, it let’s me know, when I need to rest, which techniques may actually be detrimental to my general wellbeing, how to stay calm, how to relax and importantly which parts of my body need support.”  

 Eddie Cox ESS Practitioner and Teacher


2. Giving bodywork as a Man

As all clients receiving shiatsu remain fully clothed, there is little or no ambiguity with this form of bodywork.  If you are a male practitioner, possibly treating women in your own home this can be of great benefit, as it offers a clear boundary between client and therapist.  As a female client, if you are in distress and want your body to be listened to in a safe and non-sexualised way, shiatsu can be uniquely effective.  


3. Liver Qi Stagnations – Receiving shiatsu as a Man

In Oriental Medicine, the Liver is in charge of the smooth flow of Qi, of allowing our emotional energy to flow freely through our body and be expressed.  Any repression of these feeling can lead to energy accumulation and the upward surging of Yang in the form of anger and frustration.  Although this is not a uniquely male pattern by any means, Man, pertaining to Yang and often restricted in emotional expression through social processes, has a propensity to such stagnation.  Shiatsu is amazing at moving Liver Qi Stagnation and supporting our emotional expression.  Guys give it a try!


The European Shiatsu School Brighton at Dyke Road Studio offers treatments and diverse shiatsu training in Brighton.  Whether you are interested in studying to become a professional Shiatsu Practitioner, are a therapist looking to integrate Acupressure massage into your skill set, or would like a workshop to improve your own health and wellbeing, we have courses for you.

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