My hot (and sometimes cold) stones! by Clare Baker

Why is hot stone massage especially good in the winter months?

Each hot stone massage I give reminds me of when I was training. The minute we received our own stones, that was it for me! Smooth, varied in their shape and colour, they are beautiful objects in their own right and I could feel an attachment being formed between the stones and I almost immediately.

Mainly consisting of basalt, the stones have been formed from volcanic lava over significant periods of time. They are ethically harvested and come from all over the world. I have had mine for over ten years now and still feel the wonder of them.

Hot stone treatments are great at any point during the year, but all the more perfect in the cold weather we have been having. I often feel that we ‘hold’ ourselves differently when it’s cold and aches and pains can develop from nowhere. This is what makes the stones an ideal addition to a massage at this time of year, providing a warmth that assists the body in ‘letting go’ on a number of levels - a treatment that is both deeply relaxing and therapeutic

As well as providing the base for a wonderful relaxation treatment, they can be used to support injury recovery and pain conditions. The moist heat they provide can be a highly effective way of treating tight, sore muscular issues. A combination of strokes is used alternating between stones and hands, broadly warming the body up before working slowly and more deeply into specific areas.

Stones may be left on an area to warm it up before removing them and then massaging that area; because the tissue has already having been softened by the warmth of the stone, it allows for a gentle but greater depth of treatment. The stones may also be used cold in the treatment of inflammation/injury, or hot and cold alongside each other in a practice known as contrast bathing.

All hot, or cold stone treatments are tailored to the individual and we spend time looking at your reasons for coming so I can vary the treatment according to your needs. Your first treatment will be longer in length (up to 1.5 hrs) to allow us to explore your reasons for coming in depth and discuss what the treatment will involve.

So if the cold has been getting to you, or you just want to try something different, book in for a nurturing stone massage. You will probably fall for the stones just like I did!

Clare Baker has gained a Diploma in Holistic Massage and Level 4 Sports Massage and has undertaken extensive post-graduate training including deep tissue massage and myofascial release, advanced medical massage, clinical musculo-skeletal anatomy, pregnancy massage and hot stone massage. 

She uses a combination of techniques tailored to your needs, whether that be assisting you through injury or helping with maintenance during training to avoid injury in the first place. She also uses her sports massage techniques to treat a whole range of everyday problems for clients experiencing pain and discomfort, no matter what its origin. 

To make an appointment with Clare Baker call Dyke Road Clinic on 01273 844/5


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