Natural Menopause With Homeopathy by Adi Howarth

Mary was 52 when she came to see me for the first time. Her periods had stopped 2 years ago but since then she had been obsessed with thoughts of death and feelings of panic and anxiety.

“ I feel responsible for everything that is happening in the world”  was one of the things she told me in our first consultations.

Her children were 17 and 19 and about to leave home, and her role as mother was about to change. For the last 20 years she had been their primary caregiver and wife to her partner. She had put her dreams of being an artist to one side to focus on the family. Mary was very sad about them leaving. “ I am going to miss them so much”

Over the course of a year I worked with Mary, and many unresolved emotions came to the surface.

As Mary herself said “ A women’s feelings are her compass. I’ve pushed them down and it’s killing me”

I listened and prescribed different homeopathic remedies to help with panic, grief and anxiety and to balance her hormones as she moved through this final stage of menopause. We talked and worked through things from her past including difficult teenage years, the loss of her father to alcoholism and depression, and the miscarriage of two babies.

 It took a good year but I saw this amazing woman come through this challenging phase and become much stronger and lighter in herself.  She was able to shed the things from her past that were still weighing her down.

 Towards the end of our sessions she said: “Homeopathy has helped me learn to relate to myself”

Mary was no longer experiencing the anxiety and panic and had decided to start studying art again.

“ I have been rebuilding myself after a collapse of my personality, from the ashes” she said.

A week later I got a message from her saying she felt 100% well and didn’t feel like she needed to come back.

I see Menopause as The Great Housecleaner. Yes, it can be a very challenging time. There are often physical symptoms as well as emotional ones to deal with. Whatever has not been given space will surface, and any health issues which need improving will surface.

With a combination of simple lifestyle changes, a healthier diet, herbs and homeopathy we can do so much to help ourselves through this part of our lives.

Menopause is not an illness, a curse or a set of symptoms. It is a natural phase of life for a woman. I see it as potentially a powerful gateway to new part of life.

I am very passionate about working with women at this time and would love to hear from you if you have any questions about how homeopathy can help you through menopause.

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marisa Guthrie