Shiatsu is a form of massage therapy from Japan based on the same principles as acupuncture, in which pressure is applied to certain points on the body using the hands


Shiatsu therapist Donna Armstrong

Shiatsu therapist Donna Armstrong

Donna Armstrong treatment fees

Initial treatment
Adult - £60.00 (90 mins)
Child - £45.00 (40/60 mins)          

Follow-on treatments
Adult - £50.00 (70 mins)
Child - £35.00 (40 mins)  

Pregnancy & Post Natal work - £60 (90mins)

Birth partner work - £90 (2 hours)
Mother and baby joint session - £70 (up to 100 mins)

Home visits available for new mums

Donna is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner, teacher and director of the European Shiatsu School Brighton

Shiatsu, like acupuncture, is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine.  At your first appointment a detailed history will be taken along with careful assessment of the tongue, pulse and meridian health. 

She learned about Shiatsu after working in Japan for three years becoming a fully registered member of the UK Shiatsu Society in 2008.

After the birth of her two daughters, Donna was inspired to deepen her professional practice to specialise in women’s health and maternity care. Studying with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother and training as a Doula with Michael O’Dent.  She is now fully immersed in supporting women and babies on their journey through conception, pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

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