Yoga For Peace of Mind

Monthly workshops to reduce stress and promote inner calm


Yoga therapist Neela Masani

Yoga therapist Neela Masani

Neela Masani

Neela is a qualified Yoga Therapist, a registered Yoga Teacher and an accredited Psychotherapist and supervisor. 

Influenced and inspired by her Indian family background, her interest in yoga began in her teens.  Through her own yoga practice and her career as a psychotherapist, she came to recognize the vital connection between body and mind and the impact this has on our health and well-being.

After qualifying as a Yoga Teacher in India, she completed a Yoga Therapy training at the Minded Institute in London where she is now a member of the teaching staff.  She combines her work as a Yoga Therapist/Teacher with her Psychotherapy practice. 

She offers Yoga Therapy and Yoga Classes to groups and individuals in the Brighton and Hove area.  For further information on Neela and her teaching please visit


The next workshop will be on Thursday 12th July 2018

Monthly Workshops to Reduce Stress and Promote Inner Calm

Yoga has a richness to offer that cannot always be accommodated in a class. This monthly workshop aims to expand on the experiences gained in weekly classes to bring a sense of deep stillness and peace to both body and mind. Each month we will balance and calm our nervous system through the practice of different Yoga postures and sequences (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama). In addition, other techniques seldom practiced in shorter, regular classes will be offered to truly enhance stillness and wellbeing. You are welcome to attend each month or whenever you are able to. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and for those with experience.


Upcoming workshop dates:

10am to 12.30pm on Thursday 20th July 2017


Cost: £27 for each workshop. 

Spaces limited so contact Neela to book a space on 07796 562494 or

For information on Neela's Mindful Yoga Classes click here